As my first page for detailing a bike route, I am rounding out the information on the Gateway Trail page. Left on my list of things to add, are rating system (so that you can have your say) for 5 areas: Scenic Value, Geocaching Value, Quality of the ride, Terrain, Accessibility.

I have also found a way to easily produce a elevation profile from the .kml route file, which will add some good visual information on the difficulty. I am wondering whether to include down-loadable files for way-points and routes. We will wait and see on that one.

I would love to have as many comments as possible on the page content… if you find it useful, or not, would like to see other information included. On the page itself, please add a comment if you have completed part or all of the trail… it would be interesting to read the experiences of other cachers.


So recently I discovered that geocaching on a bicycle, is a far more efficient way of getting from cache to cache, especially in parks that have numerous caches spread out. While I can’t say that I am an expert, I have enough interest started to investigate the biking paths that interweave the suburbs of the cities. Check out my bike caching page for the Twin Cities, where I list the various routes, and find links to the routes I am uploading to GC.com.

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